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New York City Wildlife Control Services

We Provide a Full Range of New York Wildlife Removal Services

What problems do wildlife cause?

Most of the calls we get are because homeowners hear animals scurrying around inside the attic or walls. Most of the damage inside a houes or attic is unseen. Rodents like squirrels, mice, and rats often chew on electrical wires. Wildlife such as raccoons, bats, birds, opossums, and rats spread several diseases that humans can and do catch, such as Histoplasmosis, Salmonella, Leptospirosis and more. Many critters leave droppings and urine in an attic or cause mold or odor problems. We also handle animals outside the house. It could be a critter that has dug a large hole next to your house, or a raccoon in your garbage cans, an opossum that is stealing pet food, or a skunk living under your deck, causing an odor problem. Some animals destroy your garden or landscaping. Or perhaps you are simply scared of snakes. Whatever the problem is, our wildlife experts can remove the source of the problem, and prevent it from happening again. We are not a New York City extermination company, nor pest control. We are dedicated New York City wildlife control experts.

New York City Raccoon Removal - Raccoons commonly live in the attic, where they cause damage. They can also cause many problems outside.

New York City Rat Extermination - We solve rat and mouse problems PERMANENTLY, by finding and sealing shut any and all rat entry holes.

New York City Bat Control - We have a 100% success rate safely removing New York bats from buildings, and we guarantee our work.

New York City Squirrel and Rodent Removal - For any critter, such as squirrels in the attic, we remove them, repair damage, & clean.

Why is our company the best?

We believe we are New York City's best. We do a complete job, from start to finish. We remove wildlife humanely and effectively. When we encounter animals inside a house, we inspect every part of the house, from ground to roof, to identify all the areas of entry, and we perform professional repairs, with guarantee. We inspect inside the attic to find any damage, and provide full cleaning services. We offer attic restoration, permanent rodent control, bat colony exclusion, bird prevention, snake removal, dead animal removal and odor control, and more. We are fully New York licensed and insured, and ready to solve your New York City critter problem. Call us any time for a phone consulation and price quote, at 347-650-2446.

New York City wildlife removal - article of the month

How to clean wild animal waste in your attic

There are four basic ways to clean wild animal waste in your attic , these are:
• Vacuuming,
• Removal of animal waste,
• Attic fogging, and
• Attic restoration

Removal of animal wastes from your New York City bird control attic – This is the first step in the cleanup of wild animal waste in your attic. Physical removal of animal waste is important especially when the numbers of animals have multiplied over the years. Raccoons, squirrels and several other common rats usually leave rat droppings in places where they have New York City bird control infested. Large animal droppings must be removed with hand but you must wear gloves and special clothing. Animals always make a mess of attics, and such mess will often trigger a massive offensive odour, hence such droppings can constitute serious health problems especially when they become breathing grounds for worms, hence the area must be sprayed with appropriate chemicals to ensure that transmittable diseases are not spread to humans.

If animal wastes are not removed, they can cause gastro-intestinal disorders kidney problems, diarrhea, and other problems. Attic Vacuuming – the second procedure in the cleaning of animal waste in your attic is vacuuming. Vacuuming wild animal droppings is needed because some micro-droppings may not be physically removed by hand. Smaller New York City rodent extermination droppings left by rats, bats, birds and squirrels can be easily missed by the physical eyes. Wild animals have powerful metabolisms that allow them excrete huge volumes of droppings on daily basis, and the fact that wild animals multiply rapidly also ensure that they accumulate wastes easily. You should consider running a commercial vacuuming through the attic to remove as many as New York City rodent extermination animal droppings as possible. You should also consider smaller size vacuum devices that allow you reach wider places in the attic. You should avoid using a vacuum of 50 feet in size, because it wouldn’t allow you vacuum areas close to the insulation without sucking up insulating materials.

Attic fogging is an essential procedure in animal waste removal from the attic New York City bat removal because some animals run through the attic insulation, by creating hole tunnels under it. Animals also run through wooden beams, wires, pipes and other components of the attic, and they can easily rub the greases and oil in their fur against such components. Many animals also use their special scents to mark their territory around the attics, for instance , one of the ways of identifying the presence of rats in New York City bat removal your attic is their special pheromone scent . In order to remove these scents , greases and oil, you need to apply special fogging materials such as “ Bio-shield”. Fogging agents will remove all bio-hazards from animal urine and fecal materials, likewise they will help New York City raccoon removal remove the offence odours they produce.

One of the best fogging materials you should consider using is the electrically-operated fogging machine that blast fine mist of fogging chemicals that can reach all the nooks and crannies of your attic, and the New York City raccoon removal procedure takes few minutes. Fogging chemicals are harmful to wild animals but not harmful for humans and pets. An ideal fogging material does not cause any damage to any component of the attic- including the insulation, wires, and wooden beams. Spraying with fogging materials is an important process in the removal of animal waste at home. Attic restoration is the final procedure you must carry out New York City snake removal once you have thoroughly cleaned your attic. Attic restoration will help you repair and replace any damage that has been caused by wild life. Removal of nesting materials and debris such as the food, urine hair, oils, and fur that can damage some sensitive components of the attic , is important.

Raccoons can tear your attic ducts, or even rip off the New York City snake removal insulation paper in the attic, thereby exposing them to damages. Rodents include rats and squirrels can produce scattered pellets within the attics and that can rub against some attic materials, making them easily destroyed in certain weather conditions. Attic ducts and insulation papers are just few of the things you need to restore once cleanup is completed. Attic restoration simply means restoring your home’s attic into a completely new and clean condition, hence it can be done at the beginning of the cleanup process or after other cleaning processes. Lots New York City rat control of animal feces in and around the insulation can damage it, likewise growth of mold around the attic can lead to contamination. You need to remove pathogens such as roundworm, and other parasites that can cause health hazard to humans and pets, and you also need to remove pheromone scents that can attract other wild animals to your home. You will need an HEPA filter mask when performing clean up procedures New York City rat control such as Fogging and restoration. In some cases, your home insurance may cover the costs of hiring a professional home cleaning agency, otherwise you have to work out the costs of performing such operations.

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The hustle and bustle of New York City never stops, and neither do the critters that roam the city! Rats are a huge problem here. So if you find signs of rats in your home, ex: droppings or chewed wires, give us a call! These rats can make you ill from their droppings, and when they chew wires they put your home at risk of an electrical wire. We can remove your rat problem and prevent them from returning. We also service the following cities: Albany, Amsterdam, Auburn, Batavia, Beacon, Binghamton, Buffalo, Canandaigua, Cohoes, Corning, Cortland, Dunkirk, Elmira, Fulton, Geneva, Glen Cove, Glens Falls, Gloversville, Hornell, Hudson, Ithaca, Jamestown, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. We also service the following counties: Rockland County, West Chester County, Bronx County, Putnam County, Orange County, Broome County, Delaware County, Greene County, Ulster County, Dutchess County, Albany County, Washington County, Steunen County, Chemung County, Tioga County, and Otsego County.

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