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  • New York City Educational Article of the Month - Will homeowners insurance pay for pigeon damage?

Will homeowners insurance pay for pigeon damage?

Will homeowners insurance pay for pigeon damage?

While many New York homeowners insurance pay for accidental pigeon damages only, you may not get compensation if you deliberately allow pigeons into your property. As a matter of fact, most homeowner insurance packages do not include pigeon, or rodent damages in their terms and conditions. Having New York City pigeons as pets will definitely not make you qualify for any compensation, similarly, not providing enough protection against animals such as pigeons and rodents will also disqualify you from getting compensation.

You may get paid through New York homeowners insurance when a pigeon accidentally flies through one of your windows and there was a damaged resulting from such accidents. You need to check your Home content insurance policy, especially the accidental damage section and check what situations you are protected from. In most cases, you will have “Standard covers” , these explains the basic protections you will get and the compensation you will receive when such accidents happen. In most cases you need a full accidental damage cover to get paid if there is a pigeon damage to your New York property, if you don’t have this type of cover, then you wouldn’t get any compensation.

Full accidental damage insurance cover is quite different from Homeowners insurance cover, however, the other is embedded in the latter but you have to pay extra for such a comprehensive cover. While the ordinary New York homeowners insurance policy do provide cover against certain animals, the cover usually include a clause or exclusion against animals that possess destructive natural behaviours and pigeons are classified alongside foxes, squirrels, raccoons, mice and rats.

Most insurance companies will often encourage their clients to protect their Nwe York City properties against destructive animals such as pigeons, and when such clients comply with this, they may get compensation for destructions caused by accidental pigeon attacks. Insurance policy providers may normally inspect a home if the owner complies with the erection of fences and other protective measures against New York pigeons, before they can make any payments.

If you reside in a New York region where Pigeon activities are considered endemic, your insurance company may not provide homeowners insurance cover that will protect you against accidents caused by pigeons , because there are chances that such damages will continue to repeat themselves as long as you continue to stay in such area , and there appears to be little or nothing you can do to protect such damages.

While homeowners insurance cover consider the risks of properties to New York City pest damages, it is important for a homeowner to read and understand terms and conditions speculated in an insurance policy before signing up for it.

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